Matchbox -
ROCKY the Robot Truck

Does your child like to dance?  Well so does Rocky! He moves up and down and dances with your child!
You can make Rocky dance, speak, or move on his own by pushing him forward or pulling him backwards with all four wheels on the ground, pushing the smoke stack forwards or backwards, or just by pressing the button on the top of the smoke stack.

Rocky the Robot Truck is made with a strong, durable plastic so that he can handle heavy loads, and we all know how kids like to put as much as they can into the back of a dumptruck! He can also take that pounding that most toys are subject to from little ones, so don't worry, your youngster can be as tough as they want with this truck!

Rocky the Robot Truck is an interactive dump truck that speaks over 100 phrases and responds when you talk to it.

Imagine a yellow dump truck that moves and talks on it's own! 

This is a great interactive friend for any child.  The more your child plays with Rocky the Robot Truck, the more they will like it. We all know what it's like to get that toy that your child just has to have, and then they don't play with it after a couple of days or weeks. What can be more frustrating?

Well,this is definately not a toy that they will get tired of. Not only does it have over 100 phrases, Rocky the Robot Truck can respnd to your child, and even tell some jokes!.
Matchtbox - Rocky the Robot Truck
If your youngster does not want Rocky to talk or tip the load out, Rocky is also great truck to play with manually. At the end of the day, when you put your child to bed, Rocky goes into sleep mode,and even starts to snore!

Rocky the Robot Truck is one of the must have
Christmas Toys this year and is selling out fast! Imagine a toy that your child with play with for hours on end, so don't wait to get this interactive and fun toy for your youngster!
What's in the Box

Robot truck and instruction booklet. (Batteries included.)

Rocky The Robot Truck comes with four "C" batteries. So there is no need to worry about forgeting to buy batteries, althought some extra ones would be a good idea, because this toy will get a lot of play time.
Check out all the great features that are included with this toy.

Rocky will give your child hours of fun  and adventure.
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